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Complete The Circle

Nutrition is certainly my focus but it is important to note that on my journey to better health through wholistic nutrition I discovered the importance of holistic living. Here are some examples:



Environmental Toxins

We are not just flooding our bodies with the toxins within processed and chemical ridden food we eat. There are airborne toxins being generated from a long list of culprits and every day products. Here is just a couple of examples... If you didn't already know, your skin is your largest organ. That being said we also take toxins in through many other things like for example... "All" Cleaning products like dish washing and laundry detergent, sprays and deodorizers. Toiletries and beauty products such as face and body creams, shampoo, cosmetics, perfumes and sanitary products. Your skin can absorb everything it comes into contact with. Things like cookware or plastic containers leach chemicals into food.

As I stated before there is a long list of culprits but you get the picture. 

Over time, aside from making current health issues worse and impeding optimal health, at their worst, these accumulated toxins can cause cancer. They can act as endocrine receptors (mess with your hormones) and even cause organ failure or developmental problems.

The removal of toxic load from your life can serve you by eliminating more obstacles and aiding you in a more complete transformation. If necessary, I do address this as part of your protocol.



EMF's stand for "electro magnetic fields". They are emitted from electrical and wireless devices. There are low frequency and high frequency emf's.  They are both equally dangerous because in our daily lives we are surrounded by an abundance of them. Wifi, Cellphone towers, cellphones, all electrical appliances, Cars, etc... Our bodies are being bombarded with these frequencies. The EMF's in question are man made. The human body has its own natural EMF field that has worked in complete harmony with the earths natural magnetic fields before the introduction and overuse of man made electricity—and this is what gets all out of whack when man-made EMFs enter from outside the body.

This has been linked to adverse side effects like increased risk of cancer, compromised immune system, stress responses in the body that diminishes blood and oxygen to certain organs and mental issues.

Treat the Physical body Well

Whatever your motivations... Weight loss, physical fitness, healing or good quality of life, the importance of exercise is something you are surely aware of. For example, Yoga relieves stress. Cardio strengthens your heart. Yoga, Pilates and Barre can help preserve and strengthen the bones as well as keep your spine aligned, thereby preventing injury and aiding in pain relief. Strong and well conditioned core muscles  such as obliques, transverse  abdominis (deep inner abs), pelvic muscles, lower back muscles, psoas muscles (around hips) and the gluteus maximus improve your balance and stability. They work in harmony so other parts of your body don't compensate for those muscles when they are not working appropriately, thereby preventing injury and making you a powerhouse in movement! Pushing yourself physically!

Last but not least it can help you look your best :))

So whatever your purpose... There is always something for everyone. 

Wholistic living is a "broad" subject so all of the above and more are things to be addressed, baby step by baby step, if you are ready and open to it.

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