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Maria Xiques FNTP, RWS

I have a desire for transformational growth. For example, I believe consciousness is key and I’m also equally fascinated with the human body. My Journey to overall wellness started at the age of fourteen when I decided to get in shape. I continued to exercise religiously all these years. I LOVE IT. It’s therapy for me. I got certified in yoga, pilates and other fitness classes then soon realized I love to teach, motivate and inspire.

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Veronica Hogan

Being me is not easy and I LOVE IT!! I am an exercise enthusiast, yoga teacher, pilates teacher, spiritual healer, motivationist, artist and real estate agent but most of all I am a proud and loving super hero/mother. I have a passion for all these things. Throughout all my ups and downs in life what consistently keeps me going is taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I started exercising very young. I love being in shape and I have a fierce energy that needs to be expressed that way. Around the same time I had a fascination for the bigger questions in life so I fervently pursued my personal evolvement along with health and fitness and enjoy helping others do the same.

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