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Being me is not easy and I LOVE IT!! I am an exercise enthusiast, yoga teacher, pilates teacher, spiritual healer, motivationist, artist and real estate agent but most of all I am a proud and loving super hero/mother. I have a passion for all these things. Throughout all my ups and downs in life what consistently keeps me going is taking care of my body, mind and spirit. I started exercising very young. I love being in shape and I have a fierce energy that needs to be expressed that way. Around the same time I had a fascination for the bigger questions in life so I fervently pursued my personal evolvement along with health and fitness and enjoy helping others do the same.


I learned about holistic nutrition, particularly herbs, juicing, healing foods and nutrient dense foods. I started taking yoga and pilates then later went on to get certified and teach. In addition, my spiritual endeavors lead me to get certified as a spiritual healer. All this training prepared me to heal myself as well as others for very difficult periods in life.


Throughout my life, like most people I have suffered both physically and emotionally. Physically I fractured and herniated disks as a result of a couple serious car accidents and emotionally I suffered an ugly divorce and painful deaths to the most traumatic, the near death of my son in July 2016. His car went under an 18” wheeler. He was in a coma with serious brain damage. Diffuse axonal injury they call it. The most seasoned doctors told me he had little chance of survival and even if he did survive he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. I struggled with the diagnosis. I knew I couldn’t allow my mind to believe what I saw or heard in front of me.  I prayed and meditated and drew from spiritual wisdom I had acquired for so many years. An amazing book that strengthened my consciousness is “”Only Love is Real by Dr. Brian Weiss MD. 


Miraculously my son woke from his coma and what was believed to be an impossible recovery process began. I managed his nutrition which I believe is always a big part of the healing puzzle and I took it upon myself to help with his physical rehabilitation in addition to his therapy by personally coaching him in yoga and diligent physical training. This is Steven today…

Because of all this and more I made it one of my life’s purposes to help, teach and inspire people to be the healthiest and best they can be and to Never stop climbing!! Never stop moving and doing! Never stop believing! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. My life and that of my son’s is a testament to that. That is what I want to bring to you. 


“Only love is real, everything else is an illusion”

“Out of something awful something amazing happens” 


-Veronica Hogan

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